Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Informing Friends On New Born Baby By Sms

The page of a book / 1 - A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

Leggo. If both do not know. We say a lot. From now on, in great demand, a page selection of books that I passed through the hands. 1 alone. Not the most representative, the most beautiful, or better written. Almost for sure not the one, among many, I was most impressed. Just one page. To be fixed here, because it represents something more or less trivial, if only for a moment.
It begins with Dave Eggers. A wonderful book and delirious, and sad at the same time to save themselves from a still sad. This page, of course, not makes it right. But I came back to mind this evening while on a blob, passed certain images.

"In the beginning, when we hear the news for us, has almost no meaning. They announced that the next series of The Real World , the new program MTV, which plans to bring together in a house and twenty-seven to broadcast the lives, will be set in San Francisco. MTV is looking for candidates. They are putting together a new cast.
In the office we do some nice laugh.
"Nobody has ever seen the program?"
"A few pieces here and there"
Obviously we're lying. Everyone has seen. We all despise, it attracts us, and we're morbidly curious. What is interesting precisely because it is so ugly and that its characters are so terribly boring? Or is it because we recognize the disturbing family traits? Maybe it's because there is in all respects. Watching that program is like listening to a tape recorder: our voice is true and yet, as one can perceive the harmonica as articulate and has laid down on magnetic tape and reproduced, sounds suddenly shrill, nasal, horrible. Whether so too our lives? speak that way, we have that aspect? Indeed may . Indeed, it is. Or not. The banality of our lives to medium-high class, so blatantly ranging from driving under the influence of alcohol by high school stage - of course only be understood in a metaphorical sense - and the dead civilian property and family life, especially if

Dave Eggers A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
Page 141


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